Releasing v1.0.1!

Hi everyone! we're pushing out an update for First Snow now that should cover a good amount of issues reported in the past few months. Keep in mind your saves will likely break once you download the update.

1.0.1 Patch notes

  • Corrected several typos and grammatical issues (thanks everyone who reported them!)
  • Added guest art piece from AcoTan that was missing in the initial release
  • Corrected credits and social media links in the guest art gallery
  • Touched up the modelling CG
  • Touched up blurred sprites that became too spooky on several occasions
  • Fixed the text bar disappearing on several occasions
  • Fixed duplicate entries appearing in the text log
  • Fixed crashes caused by the pre-splash logo
  • Made the hidden achievement alternatively unlockable by creating a file called secret-unlock.txt in the game folder
  • Added detection and warning for broken save games due to game updates


[SSS]_First_Snow_v1.0.1_setup_[win][B8696C0F].exe 364 MB
Version v1.0.1 Oct 21, 2020
[SSS]_First_Snow_v1.0.1_[mac][56C53AA9].dmg 359 MB
Version v1.0.1 Oct 21, 2020
[SSS]_First_Snow_v1.0.1_[linux][81ECAAA1].tar 368 MB
Version v1.0.1 Oct 21, 2020

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