Releasing v1.1, with voice acting and merch!

Hi everyone! We're pushing out a big update for First Snow with partial voice acting! Check out our blog post for the full details on where to get our new merch! Keep in mind that, as before, updating will most likely break your save files.

1.1 Patch notes

  • Partial voice acting has been added. CGs and other notable events are fully voiced, while moments that use sprites use repeatable voice lines!
  • The volume slider for voice acting is now unlocked by default
  • Additionally, a voice emphasis toggle has been added to the menu
  • Speech bubbles will now display when a voice line is played. "..." is shown when a fully voiced line plays, while "!" is shown when a repeatable line is used
  • Various small typos and other errors fixed


[SSS]_First_Snow_v1.1.0_setup_[win][00FB2681].exe 364 MB
Version v1.1.0 Jan 21, 2022
[SSS]_First_Snow_v1.1.0_[mac][6F2D7D92].dmg 359 MB
Version v1.1.0 Jan 21, 2022
[SSS]_First_Snow_v1.1.0_[linux][6B91EC7A].tar 368 MB
Version v1.1.0 Jan 21, 2022

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